LandSoft was developed as a tool to help organizations, administrators, and principals manage projects. LandSoft is a patented web-based application that provides real-time project progress and budget analysis functions. LandSoft enables project managers to track project activities and budget expenditures in real time so that problems can be detected early on and schedules and budgets can be more efficiently controlled. LandSoft is available to management, employees, and clients 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

LandSoft Features

LandSoft can help public agencies; private companies; right of way, archaeology, environmental, property management, real estate, and title/escrow firms; engineers; architects; planners; and other companies efficiently track projects and budgets. LandSoft improves project organization and interdepartmental communication, simplifies file sharing and file archiving, and enhances project management analysis.

    • Project-progress tracking.
    • Management tools for unlimited projects, departments, and users.
    • Automated reporting with custom project activity notes and status reports.
    • Budgeting assistance with real-time cost analysis by project or by unit.
    • Expense tracking in real time.
    • Creates timesheets to allow for automated employee time tracking.
    • Assists with payroll and billing via quick export to QuickBooks™.
    • Client-access module for real-time updates on selected data.
    • Footprinting to track all access to the system.
    • Custom multiple-user security levels.
    • Easily customized departments, titles, milestones, and project types.
    • News and reminder system.
    • Easy-to-use interface.
    • Available anywhere with Internet access.
    • Links to web maps and GIS.

We are proud to announce that after two years of development and eight years of successful in-house use, LandSoft is now available to the public. To learn more about our dynamic software, please click here to go to LandSoft's website

For more information about LandSoft, or to purchase the software, please contact:

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