The Grant Road Improvement Project

The Grant Road Corridor Improvement Project is the cornerstone of the 20-year Regional Transportation Administration (RTA) Plan approved by City of Tucson voters in 2006, and is its biggest and most visible undertaking. Stretching for five miles between Oracle and Swan Roads, this multimodal transportation development project will redefine Grant Road not only for drivers, but for cyclists, pedestrians, and local businesses and residents.

Tierra’s involvement began with an investigation of the proposed alignment developed by the project’s principal design consultant. Our team determined potential problems associated with the eventual relocation of homes and businesses along the route, and helped the City of Tucson take a proactive approach to dealing with these impacts. Tierra began consultation with potentially affected residents to educate them on the project’s impact and their rights concerning the acquisition and relocation process to ensure the transition happens fairly, equitably, and smoothly.

Right of way consultingTierra provided a Relocation Plan for the Early Intersection Project (EIP) and interviewed the potentially affected property owners to begin the process of locating a suitable replacement property within the market to facilitate the relocation of the displacees.

Tierra is currently involved in the relocation planning process for the Grant Road Improvement project. This is the largest project the City of Tucson has ever undertaken, and it is estimated that there could be up to 400 business and residential relocations.