Tierra employs experienced title researchers to provide our clients with comprehensive title and records research. We are experienced in researching and documenting chains of title, environmental records, and easement and permit records for linear and other projects. Our staff utilizes online title databases and performs on-site records research at entities such as the Bureau of Land Management, State Land Department offices, County recorder offices, and courthouses. Tierra’s title research services include:

    • Prior Rights Investigations to prove a client’s prior rights in a proposed project under development.
    • Environmental Records Reports to provide known environmental concerns.
    • Feasibility Reports to determine paths of least resistance for linear projects such as transmission lines and pipelines.

Prior Rights Investigations

Users of linear rights of way, such as roads and highways, are frequently required by Departments of Transportation to prove or provide their prior rights within proposed projects limits. In Arizona, if you have prior rights to be within a linear right of way, the Department of Transportation developing the project will pay to relocate any facilities that conflict with their transportation plans. If you do not have prior rights, you may be required to pay all costs associated with the relocation of your assets within proposed or existing rights of way.

For companies and agencies that lack the experienced resources to complete an investigation into their property rights regarding their assets, Tierra provides experienced staff that can complete the research necessary to save the capital required for expensive utility relocations.

Tierra will perform title and records research using title plants, databases, internal records, and historical records necessary to document a claim for prior rights. We will provide clients with a narrative description of their rights and the supporting documents to prove their claim with a Department of Transportation. We will also provide annotated maps to present the information in graphic format. Since launching this new service line in October 2013, Tierra has saved its clients millions of dollars in utility relocation costs.

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"Tierra has been instrumental in working with the City [of Tucson]/Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT) in creating and providing an Acquisition Outreach Program for use in the City's larger corridor projects. This program not only provided educational opportunities for residents and business owners impacted by TDOT projects, but provided a much needed explanation and learning opportunity for City staff as well. Throughout the entire process, Tierra's staff was professional, courteous, and confident during the creation process as well as during the outreach. The excellence and integrity of their staff was obvious to everyone who participated in the process, as evidenced by the outstanding feedback the City received after each seminar."

~ Beth Abramovitz, P.E.
Engineering Project Manager,
Tucson Department of Transportation