Mullen Road Right of Way Acquisitions

Mullen Road

Tierra was contracted by Thurston County, Washington, to provide right of way services and acquire 25 parcels for the Mullen Road Project. Mullen Road is a major east-west corridor, and the planned improvements are intended to enhance safety and relieve traffic congestion.

This project is funded by the FHWA and will involve reconstructing the road and adding sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and street lighting. Ultimately, it will make Mullen Road a safer corridor for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists, while extending the life of the roadway and also improving water quality. The project will also promote multimodal transportation by using sidewalks and bicycle lanes to connect residential areas with local schools and the major arterial system feeding downtown Lacey and other commercial areas. Tierra is also assisting with the successful WSDOT certification of this Federally funded project.