Right of Way Services

Right of Way services are the foundation upon which Tierra was built in 1989. We offer a full range of acquisition and relocation assistance services for transportation and public infrastructure, electric transmission, pipeline, telecommunications, renewable energy, and private development projects of all sizes and complexity in the western United States.

Our right of way professionals are all properly licensed in accordance with State regulations and laws and bring excellent communication, negotiation, and organizational skills to every task they undertake. Our Agents possess a sound understanding of property title and appraisal principles for all property transactions.

Tierra’s Acquisition and Relocation Agents have a broad knowledge of client and agency processes relative to transportation, electric transmission, pipeline, telecommunications, and renewable energy projects. Our Agents also possess in-depth knowledge of the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act (the Uniform Act). Tierra’s Relocation Assistance Specialists are proficient at working through Uniform Act processes on behalf of industrial, business, and residential property owners and tenants effectively and in collaboration with our clients.

Tierra also offers qualified subcontractors/partners to provide right of way–related services such as appraisals, land surveys, and engineering services, and our Project Managers will coordinate their activities to the benefit of the project.

Our corporate staff and senior management are committed to providing our employees with the support necessary to provide a high level of service so that our clients can deliver their projects on time and on budget.

Right of Way Services Include:

  • Property and Easement Acquisition
  • Acquisition Planning
  • Relocation Assistance and Planning
  • Local, State, and Federal Permitting
  • Site Analysis and Selection
  • Route and Site Feasibility Studies
  • Title Research and Analysis
  • Prior Rights Research
  • Property Management
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Appraisal and Escrow Coordination
  • Project Management
  • Expert Witness and Litigation Support
  • Tribal Liaison
  • GIS Mapping