Staffing Support

Our staffing services provide clients with efficient and cost-effective solutions to meet their human resource and project resource demands. Such services are perfect for agencies and companies that have incurred staff reductions due to economic conditions and are not quite ready to backfill positions, or for companies who need temporary staffing for peak workload schedules.

Tierra maintains a database of qualified right of way agents and environmental scientists available for placement in short- and long-term assignments in most areas of the United States. The experience of each candidate will be specifically matched to your staffing requirements. If we do not have a candidate that matches your requirements on hand, Tierra will search outside our existing contacts to find the right candidate to meet your needs.

Benefits of Tierra's Staffing Support Services:

  • No expenses incurred by the client to hire.
  • No payroll expenses incurred by the client when someone is hired.
  • No benefits to be paid by the client.
  • Select the candidate that you feel will be best-suited to your culture from the resumes we provide.
  • Supervise and direct the employee, maintaining control over their tasks and schedule.
  • Only qualified candidates meeting your requirements will be referred for consideration.